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at Conexpo/con-agg

March 14-18, 2023

Diamond Lot, Booth #D3801

Turn Any Equipment into Semi-Autonomous Robots

The biggest challenge facing the construction industry is a shortage of skilled labor. But what if you could multiply your existing operators’ output and make these jobs more attractive — while boosting operational performance and making more informed business decisions?

Our supervised autonomous technology retrofits your existing heavy equipment and turns them into semi-autonomous robots. Operators can control multiple machines from a comfortable desk, which increases productivity, safety, and operator satisfaction — and expands access to these jobs.

Experience our Live Demos

See for yourself how Teleo is enabling contractors to multiply operator output, and meet the team behind this exciting technology.

Onsite Short-Range Operations

Remote Long-Range Operations

Find Out How Teleo Can Supercharge Your Operations

By turning your existing heavy equipment into semi-autonomous robots, Teleo can address critical business challenges.

Attract More Operators

Increase your pool of happy operators by providing better, safer, and more comfortable working conditions.

Increase SIte Productivity

Get more work from your fleet without increasing headcount, with each operator remotely controlling and supervising multiple pieces of equipment.

Drive Down Costs

Boost ROI and unlock 30% or more in operational savings, with payback in less than a year.

Gain Operational Insights

Use the data generated from Teleo Supervised Autonomy to make more informed business decisions and further improve operational performance.

Where to Find Us at CONEXPO/CON-AGG

Southwest Corner of the Diamond Lot, #D3801

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