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at Conexpo/con-agg

March 14-18, 2023

Diamond Lot, Booth #D3801

Bringing Heavy Iron to New Heights

Teleo turns your heavy equipment into supervised autonomous machines, enabling operators to control equipment without stepping foot in the cab. Teleo Supervised Autonomy technology combines autonomous capabilities with remote operations to enable operators to control multiple machines from the comfort of a command center. We’re enhancing operator safety and comfort, increasing job accessibility, and attracting more operators. 


At our 4500 ft² booth, we’ll be conducting live outdoor demonstrations of Teleo’s technology, showcasing real customer videos, and educating visitors about the process and advantages of retrofitting their equipment.

Experience our live demos

Witness how Teleo is enabling contractors to multiply operator output.
Visit us at our CONEXPO/CON-AGG Booth #D3801 in the Diamond Lot and watch our two live demonstrations.

Short-Range Operations

See how operators control an onsite skid-steer from the comfort of our command center. They’ll load and dump gravel in a secure demo pit at our booth.

Long-Range Operations

Remote operations can get pretty remote. Watch how operators move earth hundreds of miles away in Northern California from our booth’s command center in Las Vegas.

An Easy and Advantageous Transition

Teleo offers all of the components necessary to transition your site to supervised autonomy.
With easy product implementation, fast operator training, and performance guarantees, we’re tackling critical business challenges head-on. 

Attract More Operators

Increase your pool of happy operators by providing better, safer, and more comfortable working conditions.

Increase SIte Productivity

Get more done with your fleet without increasing headcount, with each operator remotely controlling multiple pieces of equipment.

Drive Down Costs

Boost ROI and unlock operational savings, with payback in less than a year.

Gain Operational Insights

See the world through your operator’s eyes with real-time camera feeds. Gain insights to make more informed business decisions and further improve operational performance.

Where to Find Us at CONEXPO/CON-AGG

Southwest Corner of the Diamond Lot, #D3801

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