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Transform Your Heavy Equipment Operations

Retrofit existing equipment with Teleo Supervised Autonomy technology


We’re revolutionizing heavy equipment operations by turning any piece of construction equipment into a semi-autonomous robot — resulting in greater performance, efficiency, and insight than ever before. We’re building incrementally toward full autonomy, delivering meaningful value at each step along the way.


Multiply operator output

With one operator remotely controlling two or more pieces of heavy equipment, your fleet does more work with the same number of people. This results in operational savings, with payback in less than a year.

Attract more operators

Teleo’s remote operations desk offers significantly better working conditions, making the job safer and more comfortable. We’re increasing the pool of happy operators by improving jobs access.

Gain crucial insights

Teleo Supervised Autonomy technology offers unprecedented analytics through real-time video and statistics. Use the data generated to make more informed business decisions and improve operational performance.

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